Allow me to mention a few of my sites first end some projects that I’m currently working on:

Anthoro.be That’s the site for me as a web professional. I started a Web Design Company a few years a go while I was working as an Internet Consultant at one of the largest IT Consultancy firms of Belgium (and I am still working there).

Currently I’m restyling and re-engineering the whole site to form a basis for another project I’m working on: Phramework. As you might make up from the name, it is a framework written in PHP. The testing area is available at: I’ll keep you informed on these pages on the development of the site and the framework.

Why writing a new framework, while there are plenty of free, open-source, public available frameworks? I run a Web Design Company, and I want to make money with it, thats why $)

AnthoroStats Earlier I started a small website statistics engine to track visitors on sites I’ve developped for myself and for customers. The service is publically available. So if you need a very basic website user tracking service, try this one out. This site is also being redesigned and re-engineered. A very basic prototype is available at: No functionality yet, as I’m planning to use the Phramework for this site as well.

Anthoro FormMail Also for my customers (and for myself) I’ve created some sort of FormMailer. Very easy, very basic and available for everyone who wants to use it.

FamilieBoden.be That’s the site I’ve developped together with my cousin to support our 2-yearly play. That’s right, I’m also an actor and every 2 years the family (as in my grandparents’ parents’ descendants and relatives) plays in a local joint. This year we played 3 times for about 300 people. Quite impressive, I think.

Javado.be That’s one of the first sites I’ve developped for a customer (about 3 years ago). It hasn’t changed since then (don’t blame me, blame them), except for some minor issues, so it isn’t really a good impression of the work I do.

Forget about this one, but is does exist and it is my baby: AnthoroLinks if it’s still available, it’s hosted at Brinkster and was originally developped to manage my browser’s bookmarks online, while a spent my days at defferent customer location, my office and my home working place. I have no intention on supporting and maintaining this site any further and I guess it will soon disappear. (the launch of my company’s new website would be the right occasion to redirect the site and let the original sleep forever in peace +-).

Right now, I have some prospects and maybe I can develop thair website in the near future. I can’t mention any details here. Competitors also read the blogs…