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21 Stimulating Color Palette Tools For Designers

I’m always excited about the possibilities of a new design. At the very beginning, I never really know where it will end up, and I love that feeling. The whole process of choosing colors and creating a color palette for a site is usually one of my first (and favorite) steps. Even if I have the chosen colors from the client, I still use a series of color scheme tools to put together the final palette. It’s one of my design inspiration triggers.

SitePoint21 Stimulating Color Palette Tools For Designers

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10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Websites

We all make mistakes running our websites. However, the nature of those mistakes varies depending on the size of your company. As your organization grows, the mistakes change. This post addresses common mistakes among large organizations.
Most of the clients I work with are large organizations: universities, large charities, public sector institutions and large companies. Over the last 7 years, I have noticed certain recurring misconceptions among these organizations. This post aims to dispel these illusions and encourage people to face the harsh reality.
The problem is that if you are reading this post, you are probably already aware of these things. But hopefully this article will be helpful to you as you convince others within your organization. In any case, here are our 10 harsh truths about websites of large organizations.

  1. You Need A Separate Web Division
  2. Managing Your Website Is A Full-Time Job
  3. Periodic Redesign Is Not Enough
  4. Your Website Cannot Appeal To Everyone
  5. You Are Wasting Money On Social Networking
  6. Your Website Is Not All About You
  7. You’re Not Getting Value From Your Web Team
  8. Design By Committee Brings Death
  9. A CMS Is Not A Silver Bullet
  10. You Have Too Much Content

Smashing Magazine10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Websites

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ASP.NET Performance Tips

In the post below I am going to run down a short-list of some of the less-popular performance tips and the reasoning behind them. There are loads of blog postings and articles on performance enhancements, and I urge you to check those out as well. Onto the good stuff…

  • Session.ReadWrite versus Session.ReadOnly
  • Optimizing your Session when using Out-Of-Process (E.g., State Server or State Database) Session Management<
  • Cache and…
  • Use HTTP Compression!!!
  • Be careful with the App_Themes folder!
  • Be careful how you populate objects!

SanjayASP.NET Performance Tips